Message from Chairman

Welcome to the HKBridge Financial Holdings Limited website and thank you for your interest in us.

As a Chinese saying goes: 青霄發軔,驊騮奔馳, which freely translated means “to get ready to fly when the sky has no limits”.

On March 2016, HKBridge Financial has entered a new chapter with a new shareholders structure and strengthening the board of directors.

Whilst we continue the good work in the previous business of manufacturing Printed Circuits Board, HKBridge Financial is focused on transforming the business to becoming a leading player in financial business.

Our new business strategy focuses on building a financial platform with savvy investments to generate strong financial returns for our investors with the ultimate objective to providing our investors a gateway to participate in the long-term development of China through Hong Kong as a base. We are committed to developing a comprehensive suite of financial services with Asset Management and Financial Advisory as our core. As China grows, many investors seek investment opportunities and ways to diversify to global markets through Partnerships, Strategic Alliances but also Merger and Acquisitions. The objective is to seek a robust and sustainable growth in the long run with China as the home market through customized solutions.

“Bespoke Partnerships”– this is our core corporate value – which is to always put our customers’ needs as our top priority. “China Roots, Global Reach” is embedded into our DNA. We are also committed to the standard that “Opportunity Comes with Innovation & Responsibility”. We seek to provide our investors a platform with the best quality and personalized service and products. Our ultimate objective is “To Become Asia’s Leading Professional Asset Manager” and take pride in helping some of our investors in taking their first steps into overseas markets.

Human capital is our most important asset. Hence, we strive to build a pool of differentiated talent covering all financial areas. Our door is always open for brilliant people to join our platform.

Our corporate objective is to add value to both our shareholders and the community in a robust and commercially sustainable manner. As a famous Chinese poem goes : “鯤鵬展翅淩萬里 策馬揚鞭自奮蹄”, which literally translates as “a huge roc mounts up to 10,000 miles high on own wings, a fine horse gallops to its full speed”. HKBridge Financial seeks to capture growth opportunities presented from the rise of China and the continued liberalization of its financial markets which will create tremendous opportunities. Hong Kong is our gateway to global markets. We believe we are planting the seeds at the right place in Hong Kong and are confident that HKBridge Financial will grow audaciously to an evergreen and deeply rooted tree.


Mr. Anton LIU
Chairman and CEO