Business Strategy

HKBridge Financial Holdings Limited (“HKBridge”)(HKEX.2323)

1. The HKBridge, based and incorporated in Hong Kong, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 21st June 2002.

2. Business Strategy

  • > Principal investments
  • > Customized Asset Management and Finance Advisory Services for Investors
  • > Strategic Platform for M&A

3. HKBridge is included in the MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index

  • > Morgan Stanley Capital International (“MSCI”) provides widely-accepted investment indices of the global capital markets.
  • > The MSCI Index selects the most representative companies for every industry/sector they represent.
  • > Being included in the MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index portfolio provides the recognition for HKBridge in the global market.

HKBridge benefits from a clean shareholding structure with a balanced mix of strategic shareholders and public shareholders:


(Stock Code:HK.2323)

Youfu Investment Co., Ltd. 15.41%
Zhisheng Enterprise Investment Co., Ltd. 7.70%
Eternal Glory Holdings Limited 28.30%
Public Shareholders 48.59%